Facebook Marketing & Advertising Services

Facebook has more than two billion MAU spending around 40 minutes on the site every day. Business owners can use Facebook ads to reach and target a particular consumer market. Facebook marketing expert helps businesses drive sales and improve visibility. A successful advertising campaign demands a careful Facebook marketing strategy to reach and engage your prospects. This is why it becomes important to partner with a Facebook marketing expert as they understand the ins and outs of FB advertising. Our Facebook advertising services put your business in the high-growth zone. We know how to design and implement Facebook campaigns for Tech, SaaS, and e-commerce firms.

Based on your business goals, we will choose the most effective Facebook sponsored ads that appeal to your audience. With the help of accurate audience targeting, our Facebook ads agency ensures that your Facebook sponsored ads are shown to users who have a greater interest in your products. In addition to this, we keep testing different ad elements while monitoring success to drive growth and optimize performance. As a top Facebook ads agency, HREF Solutions is experienced in formulating creative Facebook campaigns to create the right impact on the users.

Facebook advertising services help brands in growing online. Brands that can employ Facebook ad campaigns successfully can grow in a measurable and predictable fashion. This makes a Facebook ad campaign fundamental to business success, irrespective of it being B2C, e-commerce, and B2B. If you seek a Facebook ads consultant, ensure you avail the best expertise that deals with creative messaging and ad purchase. We offer the best support you require for data-driven marketing. Our affordable services are on the cheaper side of the Facebook advertising cost. Our strategies are the product of detailed research through which unique marketing challenges can be solved.

Why Facebook Marketing & Advertising is Important

Facebook is known to be the most popular marketing platform for businesses worldwide. An expert Facebook ads consultant knows how to use Audience Insights for comprehensive demographic targeting. It has become important to use Facebook for marketing as it creates an interaction or dialog between brands and customers/users. It offers a medium to develop and maintain relations with current or new customers. Feedback is an important element of marketing a business. It helps in understanding the buying behavior and expectations of customers. Facebook for marketing activities is preferred because of its ability to provide brand exposure.

A proficient Facebook ads expert works to create Facebook ads that target users at all stages of their customer journey. Thus, they not only target users at the awareness phase but also improve store visits, app install, and website traffic. Our Facebook ads experts target a variety of lifestyle traits like behaviors, life events, and hobbies. This increases the likelihood of ensuring precision and targeting ideal customers. In addition to this, Facebook advertising cost is cheaper when compared to traditional media. It is costly to spend on billboards, television commercials, and radio ads. On the other hand, the Facebook marketing cost of reaching 1,000 people is just around $5.

Another reason to consider a Facebook ads specialist is the fact that FB advertising is fast. Facebook advertising is known to drive immediate results. So, if you desire a quick way for driving conversions and traffic, a Facebook ads specialist is the perfect solution. In addition, website traffic can also be boosted by the Facebook promotion. For example, a website click campaign can be run to target users and make them visit your website. Even though website traffic can be increased through different sources, Facebook promotion is more cost-effective and precise.

As a popular Facebook advertising agency, we aim to create Facebook ads that increase leads, sales, and revenue. The good thing is that Facebook advertising and its results are measurable. You can easily check how many conversions, clicks, and impressions you receive. For tracking conversions, you have to install Facebook ads pixel on the site for tracking the activity. This is where you need a Facebook advertising agency. In addition, customer attribution can be improved via Facebook advertising. Attribution shows how many times your brand is seen by the audience. When they interact more with the business, their conversion becomes easier. Our Facebook marketing strategy increases your touchpoints with users, resulting in more conversions.

Why Should You Prefer a Facebook Marketing Expert?

FB marketing is only successful when you target the right interest groups, demographics, and locations. Facebook marketing agencies make your ad purchase effective at a low Facebook marketing cost to improve lead quality/quantity, generate brand awareness, and maximize suitable impressions. Also, Facebook marketing agencies help in capturing customers and leads from laptops, desktops, and mobiles. In addition to this, Facebook offers an advantage as it can identify particular attributes. This is where Facebook marketing companies help in maximizing impressions and views.

You can avail a comprehensive marketing strategy to cover all your bases and move ahead of the competition. Content management is an integral part of FB marketing, as your content must align with your business requirements and customer segments. Facebook marketing companies can deliver a range of video, graphics, and written content. They offer an all-in-one solution to create your strategy, launch your ads, and monitor their performance. Even though FB generates billions in advertising revenue, a major percentage of marketers do not observe significant outcomes. It is easy to make a FB ad but equally difficult to run a successful FB marketing campaign. A Facebook advertising company has experienced marketers on staff for helping businesses grow.

Post organic content:

A FB marketing expert has the ability to create organic content for your campaign. From blogs to photo posts, a Facebook advertising company can make compelling posts for garnering engagement.

Run FB ads:

A FB marketing expert can assist in running FB advertisements to promote your business. Professional Facebook marketing services can design ads to drive sales and clicks for the business.

Increased reliability:

Facebook marketing services offer stability and predictability to users. They always keep a backup to ensure your campaign runs uninterrupted.

Drive Immediate Traffic:

You can drive more traffic to your website or landing page. Expert Facebook ad management services have compelling ad copy in their marketing campaigns to drive web traffic.

Influence Sales and Leads:

You can get more sales and leads through our Facebook lead generation services. We will help in optimizing your ads your conversions.

Increase Attribution:

We won’t let you lose FB users who show interest in your offering or have visited your FB page. Again, Facebook ad targeting helps in staying in front of high-intent customers.

Industries We Serve Through Facebook Marketing Services

The top industries where we operate are real estate & corporate, hotel & restaurants, and travel & tourism. As per recent studies, these fields have the most people and followers interacting with businesses. In addition to this, these industries are known to house the strongest communities with regards to total interactions. It is true for the total number of comments and likes as well.

Travel and Tourism

Tourism and Facebook make the perfect combination as they work well together. HREF Solutions promote exclusive rates, discounts, and packages to boost revenue and increase occupancy. In addition, we promote business goals and develop brand awareness by providing brand content, tracking improvements, and sharing core values.

Hotel & Restaurants

FB marketing for the hotel and restaurant industry has achieved new heights as Facebook continues to reach a massive, global audience. HREF Solutions helps in expanding their audience and driving more business to their properties with the help of captivating CTAs. We create a comprehensive, content-rich profile for your properties to give a professional appearance through key marketing features like posts, promos, stories, events, and reviews.

Real Estate & Corporate

Facebook marketing for real estate and corporate is an effective technique for generating leads quickly and cheaply. We use strict Facebook ad targeting to cater to specific groups of users. For this purpose, we develop customized calls to action for each group. In addition to this, our ad design has high-quality images and a clear message.

Hospital and Healthcare

Facebook marketing has become highly important for reaching ideal patients. HREF Solutions aims to extend your branding message and reputation to users. With our Facebook ads strategy, you can generate new patients, patient prospects, repeat business, and referrals. We focus more on self-referred and elective care practices like Lasik vision or orthodontics as they have stronger appeal when compared to sub-specialties.


As Facebook ads price is lower than other forms of advertisements, it is a valuable resource for SMEs. HREF Solutions understands how small businesses struggle to achieve sustainability. Thus, we help to grow your reach and generate leads for a successful future of your business. Our marketing strategy creates a content calendar, including interactive content, popular topics, seasonal trends, social and industry events.

Why Choose us for Facebook Advertising & Marketing

Even though there are several Facebook ad management services available on the Internet, HREF Solutions truly stands apart. We focus on what makes your brand different from others and your business goals. In addition, we develop an understanding of your marketing goals. Based on this, our specialists formulate a comprehensive strategy to move forward. To promote post on Facebook, our specialists come up with advertising descriptions, headlines, and copy that are a part of ads. We ensure that creativity is involved in ad-creation, like compelling graphics and high-quality imagery. Our mission is to drive massive traffic, resulting in increased sales for businesses. We promote post on Facebook to increase clicks and conversions. If users are not clicking on CTAs, Facebook ads are pointless.

With the help of Facebook lead ads, the process of Facebook lead generation becomes easy. Users just need to click on the ad, and a form will pop up. It is already filled with their contact information, ready to be sent to them. Within a few taps, they get desired information, and you get a qualified lead. We use Facebook lead ads to capture information about potential customers without creating a new Facebook landing page. We run ad campaigns for bringing conversions. Our specialists strive to maximize conversions while doing their best to reduce Facebook ads price for you.

Hiring an intern, freelancer, or employee with no experience is a huge risk. Millions of dollars are misused or wasted because of limited competence, experience, and knowledge in FB ads. You require an experienced agency to develop successful campaigns. Our Facebook ads strategy provides you with metrics and insights that matter. In addition, we track your ROI and provide reports with metrics to grow your business. Whether you require email marketing newsletters or advanced graphics for targeting new customers, HREF Solutions can assist you. You do not have to waste effort and time searching for prospects; we are your answer.

We develop a Facebook landing page with compelling CTA, high-quality videos or images, consistent design elements, descriptive headlines, and clear USP. You can make the most of the outcomes of your marketing strategy by working with HREF Solutions. We offer a turn-key solution for advertising your brand on Facebook. Our specialists do not employ cookie-cutter strategies as their goal is to use a custom strategy based on your goals. In addition, we offer a dedicated manager who keeps you in the loop on the campaign’s progress. You will be given a detailed monthly report to ensure you understand the achievements of the campaign.

HREF Solutions has committed to optimizing ad campaigns while being an affordable service provider. What makes our FB marketing services stand apart from the crowd is that they are based on real-time data for making intelligent decisions. We make use of analytics to gather information for running experiments and making data-driven decisions. In addition, we make changes to ad variables like landing pages and ad content based on the information obtained through testing and analytics. If you have been struggling to find a qualified FB marketing service that can cater to your business and marketing needs, look no further. Contact HREF Solutions now!